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Now, after that long five days of posts... It's time to summarize some of your opinions!
But in case you didn't read, check out these posts:
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-Volume 5: Moderation

So this one is generally a bit more needed. Disabling the report status is probably too far, as from what I've heard from a PM contact, the logic works. While it does a LOT of harm, it doesn't necessarily outweigh the good that can happen as a comment/status gets immediately taken out.

Potion timers! How could I miss something so obvious! Though I do think the badges is a better idea, as it brings me back to my standard of a "fun" game, in Pokemon. Badges as ways to unlock content seems like a great idea. Right now it works more like the awards system in most modern games, and while that's okay, some incentive other than the pretty picture might be needed.

This.... is a big thing. Working WITH time is good, especially for those with busy lives. Plus the five minute or less potion, which doxycide was, gives people a way to really go out and brew a lot, though I do think what made Doxycide broken was it's high point value, and a point parity right now to make it less "worth it" would be 1 point per potion completed, at least for something that quick.

Now why aren't you working for Pottermore yet? The only flaw I can see here would be the galleon rewards, though what may be a happy compromise is the idea of raiding the potion master's rooms. as I'm certain dear old Snape has a good few ingredients to spare.

Another good one from Birdie. Practice now is poor, though debatably this isn't needed. Practice is more or less redundant with dueling your own house, and it MAY be a good idea to give it some purpose (hint hint practice to grow wand's power)

Probably a no on this one. While I LOATHE that it basically created a reflex game with what was a rhythm game... it's a good anti-cheating feature. But would I suggest getting timing down and predictible if strategy features were involved...? HELL YES!

First, thank you anon! Second, I get that the changes are complex as suggestions. I wouldn't expect everyone to follow when they were done and I know it'd be hard to explain, but... Pokemon is more or less how I judge good game mechanics. Simple, yet complex. Anyone can get in the ball park, but it takes skill, research, and time to become a master at it.

This was for potions, and on Facebook, The reason why I was thinking of potions=sabotage is it uses resources (unlike duels) and is generally less rewarded. So I thought "well to fix that parity you have brewers that can slow down others." Admittedly, the thought of someone spiking your pumpkin juice is creepy, but the other idea, that someone can say in the common room "hey I got dosed with" and have it fixed is great, as well as benefitting duelists that brew at the same time.

So really, three goals to that one, 1) promote communication, 2) promote brewing, and 3) give potions more draw.

Well... I say you must hate the new changes with cauldrons... but the idea is to reward that patience a bit more, while providing some challenge to a mini game. Needless to say, not every potion should be hard, but not every potion should be easy either.

And let me wrap this up by addressing one I've seen tossed about a lot. "Partial Credit Potions" I know full well why Pottermore would not do this, and it goes back to beta. You see, not every failure can blow up a cauldron. And this was bad. This was bad because at the time, they gave 1 point partial credit to a brewer out of their 5 point potential win. So what would this do? Create a perverse incentive of course! Now you have people purposefully failing to earn faster?

So to revisit this, how would we create partial credit?
2 ways:
If you time out and come back too late, you get 1/3 of your points.
If you time out while brewing in part 2 you get 1/2.
All other failures get no points.

So do you have more suggestions? Let us know right here below!

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