A (Rather Late) Update on Polls and Such

First off... well done Hufflepuff. If you want to revisit when we talked about you guys, feel free to click here or here!

Now for polls... these have been closed for a while, but the house that most wanted to be revisited was, oddly enough Slytherin (43%), closely followed by Ravenclaw (36%), Gryffindor (4%) and none (6%). So I'm going to go on a limb and say that Hufflepuffs, once again, were generally happy. Or don't read the blog (My apologies to any Hufflepuffs reading this, but hello! I don't bite. Much.)

As for favorite changes to Pottermore, while this seems rather entertaining as of late, recollecting galleons and new potions were the favorite changes to Pottermore, comprising a little over half the vote combined. Now, the next poll will be a short one, but we're going to ask how you feel about the new Pottermore.

Excited, Afraid, Angry, Wait and See? Leave your comments and thoughts below!


Update on Neo-Pottermore

So, Pottermore's been posting a lot now.  However, a lot of it seems to be copy-paste, but let's see what we can glean from this all. 

Really, the biggest things are perhaps in the second and third post above, as it mentions "news and articles" lending some credence to the idea that Pottermore will be promoting Fantastic Beasts, especially if we see some in-universe material. It also certainly fits with the idea of going beyond the gates of Hogwarts. 

After this, it almost sounds like Pottermore IS confirming that usernames will be gone, and perhaps all the accounts will be deleted, but it's uncertain still. From other posts, it appears dueling and brewing WILL continue past September 9th to an unconfirmed date, and it is probably safe to assume the same may be true of accounts.