What to do when Pottermore Crashes?

So that sinking feeling when you try to log into Pottermore for the day and then see this?

FanFiction Friday - Lie Low at Lupin's

This was written by talented Slytherin Sionna Raven! You can find more of here stories at her Live Journal Profile

This ties in well with Pottermore's suspected release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapters that will be arriving on Halloween! What do you think of this interpretation of Sirius' 'mission'?

The Question of Horcruxes

Speculation and horror abound in this posting as we delve into the process of how to make a Horcrux. While it's been hinted at in the books, we never get the sense of how it is done, and the precise method, so we will be extrapolating from the books to form a reasonable head cannon that could fit, and hopefully match with whatever is posted on Pottermore.


Runi's Rant: Universal Studios

So, today I read this and I'd like to reflect on two things. What it means for Universal, and what it means for the future of the Potter franchise considering that and Universal Hollywood Horror Night's other mishaps, so look here after the break!