Pottermore Did Some Things!

So Pottermore finally did a thing.
Sorting is back. And so are wands. And so is....
Oh... news... this couldn't be a bombshell....
Well. On September 18, Pottermore died. That was THE last day of accounts, of dueling and brewing and the things those brought.

Yesterday, January 28, Pottermore has added BACK old features for the second time in it's existence.

The abilities to sign in, be sorted, and get a wand. So for those of you keeping track. That's One, Two, Three, Four and a half months of time... to re-install an old feature.  I cannot help but feel like a mixture between the amazing wonder that Harry had in the first half of the series, sharply grinding up against a growing cynicism and anger that we see towards the Ministry in the latter books.

They had the feature. This should not have been a major improvement, but it is. Though the downside is still... what do the accounts do?

When point earning was still a thing, accounts made sense. Now, as much as I wanted my own account back, it feels like what people call the "resurrection stone" option really is one. It returns your account to the living but it does not seem to belong in this plane of existence. It feels more like targeted advertisement than it does an actual feature on the site.

Making this slightly more amusing is you can now completely clone your account. Messed up you username in round one? USE IT AGAIN IN ROUND TWO.

Want to create an army of your clones calling you L.S. (CENSORED)lord? Go for it. There is no filter as the My account is only viewable to yourself.

So following on the heels of sorting, that news seems to be massively overshadowed by.... The reveal of three new wizarding schools. Uagadou in Africa,  Castelobruxo in South America, and the North American school, Ilvermorny. (Why don't I mention Mahoutokoro of Japan? Because we already knew about it from the cherry wand entry.)

Of this, we did get bios on 6 out of the 11 schools, with 4 unnamed and Ilvermony being well... a "we'll add it later" message. For more on this... come back later! Oh I know you may not like it, but there's a LOT of information to obsess about, especially when you look closely at that map.

Also stay tuned as I call out while I analyze this whole play as a PR move... because goodness knows, it's a doozy.

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