Pottermore Speculation: Who? Whom? Which Witch?

So... this was today's "trick" and while Pottermore has been so far a bit underwhelming in it's event, this tid-bit has prompted more discussion than the previous announcement of new spells.  As such, it's time for speculation and analysis after the break!


Pottermore's Trick or Treat: Disappoint or Alienate?

This was going to be EXCITING. For the first time they were engaging with fans and users of the website on a greater level than just posting news articles on their Facebook Page or the Pottermore Insider.  This was the kind of engagement or activities to keep interests piqued between chapter and book releases that members have been asking for almost three years. Pottermore even made a Facebook Event that included a poll which was another first for them. Speculation abounded for days about what these potential tricks or treats could be.

Six Months Later....

A quick blog post reflecting on some of the changes so far made to Pottermore based off of some of what was in the survey back in April. So let's look shall we?

Blog Post Roundup!

Scolding Universal: A Quick Critique

New Dueling First Impressions

Poll: What do you think of Pottermore's Halloween?

Harry and Monsters

Harry and Monsters

The Harry Potter series is well known for having more than a few creatures of gothic fiction that seem a bit familiar. Vampires, werewolves, inferni (zombies), ghosts and more. So what do we really know about these creatures, so close to humanity at times and yet so far away.


Scolding Universal: A Quick Critique

News broke recently that Universal would open a new theme park in Beijing, and based off of concept art, while it isn’t necessarily what will occur, it deserves some addressing.

Poll: What do you think of Pottermore's Halloween?

Since Pottermore is doing an event, thought, why not vote on your opinion. You can see it right to the side. If you haven't seen the event or signed up for it, click here.