Quick Addendum

Just so everyone knows, I'm always open to requests, and enjoy it when people tell me what to write about (within limits) so if  you ever have a question, about Pottermore, potions, dueling, Harry Potter, ponies prancing about patterns and pontificating... just write in that little comment shouty box to the side. No, no, the other side, the one on the right. Good, and remember... I thrive on feedback (and cookies).

Pondering Potions

As I mentioned in the gaming post, potions haven't been updated since the second book. This is especially peculiar as after little over two years (Three counting Beta), Pottermore is on it's fourth book. This makes it seem that potions will continue to suffer, though it's the weakest method of earning points on the site thus far, though I will discuss a few ways that this could be fixed, and mention a bit of what is rumored for the future.


Musing on Moderation

Moderation is something I have to say I have mixed feelings about... Now this is taking the WHOLE of moderation, but not all of it. I honestly have to say I'm still sore on quite a few points, but I'm willing to give them their due, and acknowledge why they're a needed presence, but horribly, horribly flawed in their actions.


Pottermore Past and Present (game section)

Now... Pottermore is an interesting site because it's not only effectively a miniature social network for fans, but a little gaming hub, and this can definitely be seen in the Sony-affiliated games that Pottermore has put out, like the version of Pottermore for the PS3, and the Book of Spells. However, this has an interesting little progression on the site itself.


Welcome, and let's start this

This has been a thing in my head that's been floating around for a while, as another way of sharing information with people on my forum, and other folks that couldn't get on it. So first, I think I'll introduce myself to all of you.