Musing on Moderation

Moderation is something I have to say I have mixed feelings about... Now this is taking the WHOLE of moderation, but not all of it. I honestly have to say I'm still sore on quite a few points, but I'm willing to give them their due, and acknowledge why they're a needed presence, but horribly, horribly flawed in their actions.

As many individuals can tell you, moderation will ban/suspend users leaving us confused as to why it happened, as we try and figure out what happened... A prime example of this would be a few leader boarders, where moderation has some hidden devices (auto flagging any post with the word "mod" for example) but it ends up affecting users unfairly, and disproportionately affects users that are the most active, like leaderboard members, who often get reported and or flagged unintentionally. Contrast that with some role players, who will often play out violent actions, or sexual ones* and the event is rather offensive. Why should these individuals be allowed to post, come back on Pottermore, and continue when the honest point earning user is effectively shat upon and suspended. Furthermore, when they come back because they like the site, or want to help their fellow housemates, they are technically breaking the rules and are weeded out to be suspended by moderation once again. Thus, the creation of "Horcrux" or spare accounts ends up being a curse more than a blessing for those willing to do so.

So how can this all be fixed? How do you fix moderation? The key is by accessing and talking to actual moderators. We have to acknowledge that they have their role on the site, which is protecting children and enforcing the rules, so it helps if we can, to write to them, or go above their heads when possible, highlighting what their attention should be on. But moreover, we can keep in mind what they look for and work around it.

Don't say mods, say Dolores/Umbridge, say big people, say suits, or chimps. Be mindful of what you post. If anyone can take it in a violent manner, you could be reported.
Did you get reported unfairly? It's ok. It happens.
And finally... ALWAYS email back, after anything that's taken down, and ask specifically why it was taken down. I've had friends that got suspended for rules different from the ones they thought they broke. Pottermore isn't terribly clear on which rules it does and doesn't enforce, and this is evidenced by what people can say in the filter.

To part this... I myself have managed to get tentacle references (don't look it up online kids, it's nasty), girls gone wild references, as well as several variations on eating babies past moderation. It is FAR from perfect, but it's not imperfect either. There have been times when the right people got banned/suspended and we should give them that much. And as much as I despise moderation's system and operation at times, I always send back ways they could improve the experience, and I can hope all of you do too.

*Yes I am aware this is a minority of that community on Pottermore, but unfortunately it tends to be a fairly vocal one, and it unfairly turns individuals against role players, but that's a blog post for another day.

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