The Potter Phenominon

Everyone wants to be Harry Potter. Everyone. This is both a good and a bad thing, and shows us how when trends start, they are very, very hard to stop.


Lilys and Runi's reaction to Pottermore's Million Point Competition

Runi: So I think we both agree that a contest like this ruins the game a bit right?

Lilys: Definitely, more than ruins the game because I doubt there was ever much of a 'gaming' element to Pottermore. I think the greatest insult to users is and will be that it undermines all other hard work that they've put in under the past 4 months.

A bit off topic, but do you think that Pottermore has ever been a 'valid' game when compared to other computer games and online games?

Runi: Well that's another discussion entirely but we'll probably circle back in a bit...so Pottermore as game? I think it barely qualifies