Slytherin For the Win!

So, Slytherin. My goodness. My house, my favorite house. The house of sooo many villains, moral greys and such horrible things in the books, it's hard to find much redeming light there. But not on Pottermore.


Badger, Badger, HUFFLEPUFF!

Oh poor, poor Hufflepuff. To be honest, this is one of my favorite houses, because of how well... shoddy it's treated. Just reading through the responses was a pleasure, and went a far way in showing why this house isn't to be underestimated or passed off, even if it did produce the later-vampire Mr. Diggory.

Flying Away! Here comes Ravenclaw.

So, this is the clever house, and from the books, one of the more... interesting houses, producing two villains, a hated character, and a beloved heroine as well. If nothing else, it is a complex house, and this definitely seems to carry over to the members of the house on Pottermore as well.