Why we hate Dolores more than Snape

Why do we hate Dolores more than Snape? It seems ridiculous to even ask that. But ask yourselves... why? Why do we hate Dolores so much? There are a variety of other characters that are far worse in actions yet far more loved.


Last bit of Gender-fun!

See? Last one! Though you lucky, lucky people! You get three blog posts today! All in one day too! Then again these were all pretty much pre-written and done for a class, sooo hope you enjoy it. As always, if you want more, let me know. Paper follows after the break. 

More Fun!

Here you go readers! Another gender paper..... not as good as the last one necessarily, though it's amazing that the idea was spawned thanks to the Daily Show. Ah well, paper after the break!~

For Fun! A Gender Paper for Once Upon a Time.

Although I know this is probably going to bore a good few of you, I graduate from college in TWO days. So, to help celebrate, I'm going to post some of my gender papers for you. This isn't necessarily Potter fare, and I'm not sure if this is something you'd like to see in the future. If it is, let me know! Paper and such after the break!