Why Pottermore Needs a New Game

Remember when you thought this would be a thing?
Now while I've said that Pottermore's best asset is it's users... this isn't necessarily a great thing for the website, especially as users cycle though and get bored or ostracised due to the troll problem. So for details check here after the break.


New Poll, New Look

As you can all see, we have a new Poll and a new look for the blog. So please, remember to vote, subscribe and see all the 107 published posts we have managed to gather here.

As a side note: there SHOULD be a debate coming in at some point, but I'm personally not against arranging one against any reader, forcing me to play devil's advocate. So whether it is Rowling's standing, mythology, head cannon, or pure blood fanaticism, write to us and let us know what you would want to debate!