How to Fix Pottermore Vol. 5

This is a big one, and I am saving it for last. This is MODERATION, the inglorious white whale that every user hates deeply with a passion... so can this behemoth even be fixed? We'll see.


How to Fix Pottermore Vol. 4

In addition to Games, Pottermore is a place for Potter content, and admittedly, with the announcement (unofficial) of a Patronus test coming soon, here are some more on our wishlist for Pottermore to pay attention to and add regarding some more moment/commenting oriented with a post on moderation in detail on Friday.


How to Fix Pottermore Vol. 3

It's me!
Now Potions and Duels aren't everything now are they? So let's go over some of the other games we'd like to see Pottermore add, and how they could be implemented with some detail. So, let's get started fixing this general area of Pottermore after the break!


How to Fix Pottermore Vol. 2

Today we're talking Potions. Potions are a bit of a difficult spot on Pottermore that could use a good deal of fixing, not just for the sake of the game but for the sake of balance between the two as a whole.


How to fix Pottermore Vol. 1

So as Pottermore is currently adding a few new things, we thought it was a good idea to mention things that needed a good fixing, and as such we're going to release four posts, one a day, with each focusing on a different category. So for today's post, Dueling! So check our suggestions after the break.