Headcanon: Santa the Wizard

Well this is one that's been coming now isn't it? Today we'll go over a wizarding theory for Santa Claus, the implications of it and try and fit a bunch of Santa/Christmas mythos all up in a tiny bow. So let's begin after the break!

Day 9 Impressions: Well that was Underwhelming

So, let's see, we have a Room of requirement, see tons of cauldrons, books and the like and nothing to collect but three things. Letting some venom out after the break.

Day 8 Impressions: Really?

Well... Tom Riddle tries to seduce an old woman to get her valuables. Let's see how Pottermore deals with this after the break. 


Day 7 Impressions: POOF...

Pottermore. If you're reading this, stop it. Just stop it and get back to work. Impressions after the break as always.