Sooooo I was on vacation a while back in summer, and the experience was amazing! Like Newt, I went to the wonderful New York City! And, as the holidays are around, and people travel, and do things, I'd like to share my perspective on travel....  using video games!


Bonus! Poll updates!

So this closed a while ago but.... Man we're not a happy bunch are we? 24 votes for angry, and the next runner up is let's wait.

Let's hope they give something that's going to make me post a slightly more cheerful bit of news for them later. But till then, what's your favorite Potter immersion site? HEX? Old PM? Neo-PM? Something else? Or maybe nothing, and you're just frustrated with it all? This poll closes on the new year, so vote away!

Still Waiting

.... So, here's a question.

Why Didn't Neo-Pottermore open with the new interactive functions they're promising from the get-go?