First Impression: The Timeline

Well I was wondering how Pottermore could tie into Fantastic Beasts.... I guess this is it.


Another New Poll

So, I was told that the Ravenclaw post wasn't exactly approved of among Ravenclaws (Still love you guys, but I wrote what I got, no quick-notes quill here!) So, I offered a sort of apology post a few weeks back, and thought I'd post this, asking which house, should be revisited, and I encourage you to post in the comments if you want to talk about your experiences in the house, with us posting the conversation here! 

So, let me know if you want to share information about your house for any new sorts arriving, and for any others to let them know how amazing your house truly is! 

What's Your Favorite Potion?

So, with 50 votes, the favorite potion of our readers turns out to be Antidote, beating out the newer additions and narrowly eeking out victory over cure for boils! So for our next poll, we're takling something a bit tougher. What was the best addition made to pottermore thus far. We're going back from beta, to look at which changes were for the better, and next time, which was for the worst. So here's for next month's results!

So, what's your favorite potion? Add it in the comments for this post!