Pottermore's New Goblet (chapters)

Every time I see that we have new chapters, I become hopelessly excited though I'm well aware that well...Pottermore's a slow, painful process.... So? What do I think here?


My Personal Fannon

Thought I'd enjoy sharing my own personal "cannon"of the Potter universe that I have, and the rough chronology.
This is a long one, so full stuff after the break!


Witches and Wizards: The Skewed Balance

Witches and wizards! Genders! Babies! Today we're talking about all that yummy good stuff, and speculating ever-so-slightly on the why it occurs and exists as it does currently. But before we go further.... SPOILER TIME! Okay, so I don't go to the common room as much as I used to, so I'm basing this slightly off of my own personal experience, and if you notice a bit of evidence that skews towards the beta period that's why.
Now for the full article, it's here after the break!