Pottermore Corporate News

So, Pottermore has once again released some corporate documents.  And this has some... interesting notes. The Dark Lord of Pottermore seems to have gained more power.


The (potential) Four Houses of Illvermorny

So, it's been announced on Hypable and a few other sites that the four houses, or house animals at least, for Illvermorny are "Horned Serpent," "Thunder Bird," "Puckwudgie," and "Wampus."

Well, Rowling sure does love us Americans huh?


Rowling's Wizard America: Summary and Review

Well... what can go wrong?
So Pottermore released things again.  We have a wonderful release of writings by JK  Rowling on North American Wizardry. After the break we have a quick summary of what was in the posts, as well as some reaction. If you want to get straight to the reaction, please just scroll down. 


Universal Studios Trip Report: HELLO HOGSMEDE!

Soft Open Prep: it took about 2 hours after open to get Hogsmede running. 

So, I was up to something special this Saturday. I decided to go to Universal Studios, and see how Hogsmede and Hogwarts were doing. And they were open. So, I, as your loyal... whatever I am, decided to share the information, as well as provide a quick difference between the two coasts I've visited.
So let's get started after the break!


Pottermore Did Some Things!

So Pottermore finally did a thing.
Sorting is back. And so are wands. And so is....
Oh... news... this couldn't be a bombshell....


Jurevics's Keynote: Why the Strategy Shift is Ill-Planned

So, this is also a bit late, but in the last few months, Jurevics gave a Keynote on Pottermore, and the recent strategy shift.


Pottermore Breaking, Bracing, or Booming?

So I'm certain many of you have heard this sort of headline already.

Pottermore has posted a loss. It's been a while, but they've posted a loss. Of nearly five million pounds.

Now, it's difficult to go over, but luckily, I have a fairly strong business background, and some basic skill in reading balance sheets.

I will mention, however, and stress that the numbers only tell a part of the story, and there's still plenty of pieces of the puzzle missing.

As for how I got this information, it's publicly available here.


We'll miss you Severus.


Fantastic Beasts and... Where are They?

Sooooo I have a bad feeling about this.

I want to make this clear, I'm writing this on the heels of Star Wars. I'm writing this after seeing the trailer 10 times, with three days to think about it.



No blog post this week *gasp* but lots more the next few weeks!

We'll be covering the new fantastic Beasts trailer, some Pottermore news from the recent Susan Juverics Keynote, and a bit of speculation on the way.

In addition, if you're on the forum, check out the third floor corridor game that's going on, and a few other fun developments!

Till then, this is Runi, rotting in study-land.