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So a while ago, during the end of the house cup, Pottermore let loose a survey for all the users on the site, or at least, all the users in the UK and the US. This rare instance of Pottermore actually asking for user input was remarkably refreshing and almost promising for future installments.
Notably, this is one of two known times (to me) that Pottermore has conducted a survey, though the other time was over the phone. This survey seems to be more extensive than the last as well, containing both questions about the site and the shop, Pottermore seems to have some extensive things up their sleeves if all goes well. The survey did ask about new potions/spells, and other improvements to pottermore which had gotten me excited, as I hope, that as many individuals I have known have TAKEN the survey, there should be at least a good number stating they want new duels and new potions. Furthermore, they hinted at a message system (YAY) and being able to use items that you have (DOUBLE YAY).

On the shop side of things, new products like prints of the moments and keychains and t-shirts. These items actually make me think I MAY get stuff off the store, especially as the option for individuals to give gift cards for Pottermore seems to be optioned as well. Overall, the shop seems to be moving not only from digital media but to physical items, and this should enable it to make a larger profit knowing that fandoms do have a thing for collectables, sets and editions, and with the production of one's personal wand or the moment posters, it becomes an opportunity to collect and to have memorabilia from Potterdom delivered to our fingertips.

As for the last bit? Well... I believe that Pottermore should roughly enact what the users say, though part of me is hesitant, as I know what I want may not be what I receive, and what users as a whole may want may not serve the "core users" on Pottermore, so to summarize it all, here's the basic top 5 wish list based on the survey.

  1. NEW POTIONS AND DUELS (need I say more?)
  2. Scaling difficulty and points for potions/Scaling difficulty ranks for duels. The duels idea is one I've had for a while, to help cut down on cheating and to discourage newbie hunting, by forcing individuals to duel in their "rank" for the duel hall. The more you lose, the easier the opponents will be that are thrown at you. The more you win, the harder, till you meet a nice happy equilibrium. YES I realize this poses a challenge given the current two titans using the site that can throw 144s, though hopefully, with new spells, advantages due to the 144 can be mitigated. 
  3. USE OUR ITEMS. I want to use my remembral. I don't know what I want to use it for, but something. We have large trunks filled with glorified paper weights, wouldn't it be nice if we could use them for once? 
  4. MESSAGING. Oh my goodness... YES. Message your friends? That'd be a godsend on pottermore, and it'd help cut down on the awful role plays and make-out sessions that occur in common rooms and in the great hall. I don't know what stress it could cause on the servers, but if they can handle it, DO IT. 
  5. Buying our wand. If they do this right, I'll be happy. I'd be glad with moment posters. I'd be glad with pottermore coffee cups. But buying a copy of my own wand... THAT would be awesome. 

Hopefully, if Pottermore's staff has half a brain, they'll enact at least two of these, and finally fix the blasted dueling system so more individuals can use it and grow to a point to where they can fight against the dueling titans. 

Till next blog, 

Rune Marauder

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