Looking into the Crystal Ball Pt 1

This is going to be a somewhat abnormal posting here, because while I want to talk about something, it's not out yet. So I'm writing this as a way of posting a few expectations, and supposing about the things to come in regards to the new chapters for Goblet of Fire. So without further adieu, everything will be here after the break! Though be warned, continue and you risk spoilers.

I can honestly say my expectations are pretty low for the next round of chapters.  From this image obtained by digging through the code....

It becomes painfully obvious a good deal will be left out, and a minimum will be covered. BEST absolute best case is for the maze, where we could be allowed to go through it via different layers, and the sequence with the cauldron that follows it, showing the rise of Voldemort once again. However, I have to say it's still not that impressive. Yes, the artwork is beautiful, but it looks like once again we'll be left without anything to do. The most we can hope for are some interactive moments in regards to the mermaid challenge and the maze, and of the two, the only one that I can see having more interactivity would be the maze, partially because I think leaving it at just that moment with say, a few sparks going up for animation would be not only rotten, but stupid. Very stupid. Which makes me worry as Pottermore has shown time and time again that it is indeed, very, very, very stupid, and could be seen as the "better fool" that comes about when something fool proof is created. Naturally, I think what will make this shine is probably going to be the new exclusive content, with my bet being one regarding mermaids, priori incantatum and Voldemort's body potion. These are three things I would expect her to go into more detail about, but as I'm writing this, and while I know I may make a good deal of people angry with this, I don't think we'll learn that much out of what we already know. I honestly think that if she has this written out, this may be something that gets held back for later, and added back later when Goblet is over. 

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