Thoughts on the Last cup

Well, the cup came and went again and well... here's a report/summary of it all
So, Slytherin lost to Ravenclaw. I won't lie when I say I'm a bit disappointed, but not terribly surprised. Considering what's happened in Slytherin cup during the 6th cup, I'll say that we have nothing to be ashamed of with a second place finish. However, I will say that Slytherin most likely would have done better, had it's former stars still remained in the cup dueling and brewing. The "benching" of Orion Peverell, Knightwolfsbane4682, and the inactivity of other leaders definitely did not help for the overall push for the cup. In comparison, Ravenclaw this cup seems to have finally gotten it's act together, due to the influence of HawthornHazel25159.

As for Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, there were impressive showings from both early on, and midway through, though not *quite* as impressive as the last to first blitz pulled by slytherin, and the weeks long struggle to claim first till Ravenclaw got the momentum and Slytherin unfortunately petered out.

Tune in next week for another quick blog. ^^

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