Meh and a Glimmer of Hope

The Daily Prophet is open... while you can probably tell what I think already, more is here after the break.
Well, it's sort of meh. I mean it's entertaining on one level, the notes and such, and the fact that it is written at the current time, with Ginny Potter as our correspondent is a bit of a plus, though it's rather light on content, especially content that I'm certain we'd like to hear. The discussion of the current quidditch world cup is entertaining at the very least, especially with the mascots running amok, with a bit of emphasis on the Hatian team's "fighting Inferni".  Overall though, this is about as bland as the book of spells or book of potions releases, and while it gives us a little bit more of the world, it stops just short of fanfare, and all in all is just a rather nice little present.

However, let me explain the one good thing that can come out of this. Wait, I know you're all probably thinking "you just called this "meh" how can anything good come out of this? I mean, it's laaaame. Boring. Dull. Pointless. And the thing is, it is pointless, for now. However, something massive can come out of it. Three short years, and Harry's child will go off to Hogwarts. In the books, and according to the timelines, around 2017, young Albus Severus Potter heads off, to be sorted and start his wizardly education. Interestingly enough, we are at 2014 now, along with the articles of the Daily Prophet that have been released. IF, and this is a pretty big IF... If Rowling wants to share the adventures of Albus Severus with us, or if she wants to continue the story, Pottermore would be an apt place to announce it, especially with the Daily Prophet. This would become where little hints are dropped, where we get to keep up with characters and their exploits, and could possibly be where we hear of various tidbits that could set up for a new series or a continued, disjointed return to Harry's world. This gives her an opportunity that while it would leave us with some questions unanswered (horcruxes anyone?) but create new content and new story lines that we can follow, and could even lead up to a new project outside of the announced Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

With that, I'll leave you all. I'll do my best to post something new for next week, but till then, enjoy the double dose of potion-chambery goodness.

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