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It's been a while coming but here's the responses to the last Poll, as well as our new one!

So what was the number one thing? Most of you did say Moderation was the thing you wanted changed, though half of all voters seemed to want more games and moments as well, perhaps still feeling a bit light after the treatment given to the past three, or even four books, especially the last two, which, while releases were good by Pottermore standards, the amount of content was seriously lacking.

So this month, we'll be posting TWO polls,
1) what's your new favorite potion and...
2) who do YOU think will win the house cup!

And as always, we'd like to remind those of you that want to participate in our pieces on house culture to share your thoughts here. It's anonymous, and we will not be sharing any identifiying information about the posters when the comments come through.

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  1. Moments are always first with me, followed by Moderation. Not just more moments, but moments with added objects, levels, new writing from JKR, and a higher difficulty level. Next, true moderation that tells you in detail what your offence was and with direct ,moderation contact with real answers as to cause and affect. I'm afraid that the rest of it no longer interests me. The change in potions has come to late for me, the Troll's still rule, and we players are basically abused by PM and constantly badgered to purchase something. As you see, I'm so disappointed in PM that I've reduced my playing time to almost zero as I await the new moments that will finally be available.


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