Is it Better? Looking at HEX (Hogwarts Extreme)

I think the general consensus now is that Pottermore has abandoned it's core user base, and well, now we all have to find other things to do. So with that being said, let's look at one of the more popular alternates to Pottermore: Hogwarts Extreme aka (HEX).
Before I go into nuts and bolts a bit of full disclosure. I've had an account on HEX since January, but honestly forgot about it till a few days ago.

That being said, I kind of mourn not spending more time there already.

HEX is a role playing site, and for the Pottermore refugee, it has classes, some minor games, and most impressively, an economics system (I will refrain on gushing on the last one, as that is warranting of it's own post).

Now, the classes admittedly are dull. They take me just a few seconds, and I do it as it is perhaps the easiest way to earn points. It's actually one of a few ways, you can take classes or do contests. But the downside is, the later in the school year you arrive, the lower your returns will be from the classes. I guess this is nice for a few reasons, but to be honest there's a very limited reason to do those classes. They cost money (supplies start up) and unless you want to help your house win the cup (go snakes!) then you're probably better off with contests. In this regard it's both better and worse than pottermore, as quick find functions can easily give you a perfect score on homework. However, it's not that complex, and it's not really a game in the same way as pottermore in earning points. Which makes sense, hogwarts is a school after all.

But what about the actual games? They're fun enough, and I appreciate the effort. It is, much, much better than anything Pottermore had put out. In all honesty, Pottermore should have tried poaching the people behind HEX. Given the resources I'm guessing this team had, it's a fantastic product. The games aren't complex at all though, and there's little to no strategy required. So from that point onwards, comes the real hidden gem of HEX, the ECONOMY. Users can buy and sell goods from eachother. The shops have limited supplies, there are rare items, there is SCARCITY. SCARCITYYYYYY!* There are so many intricacies to how the economy works, and how much it reminds me, in truth, of Animal Crossing at times. It's actually pretty wonderful.

So is this what Pottermore should have been? Not quite. I certainly think this site delivers the spirit of Pottermore more than the original, but there are aspects that are still sorely missed (Oh potions! How I miss you!). This is still a wonderful stopgap though. Eventually, or rather hopefully, Pottermore will realize that there is a bit of profit to be made catering to fans that aren't pre pubecent girls, but till then there is HEX. And it is quite the impressive example of what a userbase can do when they are determined to.

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