Deathly Hallows Spoilers

Spoilers below people!

So, here's our chapter/moment list

  • chapter 4, moment 1
  • Chapter 8, moment 1
  • Chapter 13, moment 1
  • Chapter 14, moment 1
  • Chapter 16, moment 1
  • Chapter 19, moment 1
  • Chapter 21, moment 1
  • Chapter 23, moment 1
  • Chapter 24, moment 1
  • Chapter 26, moment 1
  • Chapter 32, moment 1
  • Chapter 34, moment 1
  • Chapter 36, moment 1
  • Chapter 36, moment 2
So let's see what we have here... flight of seven potters, check, the wedding, check, going into the ministry, the hiding place , visiting harry's parent's graves, check wait, we have chapter 21, that's the tale of the three brothers! I'm excited, OH SO HYPE. I mean think of how awesome that could wait.... that's it? Well not that bad I guess.... something's bound to be collectable in there. So what else... Malfoy Manor... and... BURYING DOBBY? Ok Pottermore, Why didn't you just show us the death of Moody as well? I mean, Dumbledore got it, so did Sirius, why not... ok ok I give up. WAIT.... ok this is even worse! I mean this would be like, THE opportunity to give some more info on the Hallows (because I'm already guessing they won't give the information in the three brothers chapter, that'd be too easy). As for chapter 26, the break in to gringotts... I sincerely hope that this is a chapter with a lot of zooms. I wouldn't expect it, but that would be the only way to have it happen, and if they just gave focus to the dragon, I wouldn't overly mind.

Ok so what's left? we skip pretty much everything of interest till the chapter about the elder wand where... Voldemort kills Snape. Wait... that's this... Nagini is in her bubble... and so is someone's head... and I think that's fangs near his ne... BAD POTTERMORE! BAD! Well after that we have the last battle and..... well. That's it.

Well, no epilogue, no talk with Dumbledore at King's Cross, no destruction of horcruxes... wait... no.... destruction... of HORCRUXES? Beware, Voldemort's still on the loose, and he's running Pottermore!

So to summarize
  • not sure what's collectable
  • maybe a few things collectable?
  • 3 things, maybe? 
  • plant ingredients
  • a read about
  • a read about
  • Probably nothing to be collected here, just getting that sense
  • something will be collectable here. Morbid but hey, it worked at Dumbledore's funeral!
  • Galleons
  • something will be collectable with snape's death (hello professor, just shifting through your pockets, don't mind me)
  • a read about RE the ressurection stone/people Rowling killed
  • collect items (bad timing) 
  • collect items (bad timing yet again)

But seriously, this looks to be par for the last few releases, and may actually be under par depending on what's left to talk about, and there's not much there outside of house elves, the hallows and horcruxes. Well good luck Pottermore... You'll need it. 


  1. But ... they have a plan! Trust them! Now, go sit down and drink your milk and eat your cookies. (For myself, I prefer fire whiskey and pretzels)

  2. when they tell us there is much more after the last book and chapter is released . .they mean they are going back to fill in all the missing chapters. .

    1. they could. Or they could add more games. Or they could add the patronus quiz. Quidditch, Fantastic beasts...

  3. The patronus quiz, since it has already been developed (JKR's own tweets) and the "promise" seen on the patronus moment, will most likely appear shortly. Whether as a filler or distractor (depending on one's view) until the release of the next few chapters or the house cup is yet to be seen. Some new things will be taken as a positive and cheered, while there will be those that feel the site is again lessened by making it easier again. (Remember when you had to make a swelling before you had to make polyjuice? Remember when you had to finish one book before going on to the next ... or do a puzzle ... or get your school books ... and so on?) Some changes are good, while others have proven to have been less than desirable in the long run. I'm almost at the "shrug and watch" point.

    I believe that Pottermore decided their new and revised direction months back and have been working towards that goal. I'm sure they anticipated a negative reaction and knew that they would/could once again weather the storm. In that regard, little of what is said to them or even threatened will affect their plan. In some cases, they may be pursuing a course of action in which they can not divulge the objective? If they are trying to force the trolls and malcontents to leave the site and find other pastures, the last thing they would do is to agree or state publicly that will eventually return the comments or some variant thereof. I am one of the most cynical users (they made me so) but I remain in hope that there are wiser heads present.

    I have a question here though. Did you remove the artwork on your accord or were you asked to? Just wondering.

    1. Pottermore informed me that my leaks were both violating their copyright and harming other users that looked forward to the new chapter releases. Now, while I have some choice thoughts on that regard, I also know that if I were to argue the copyright angle, I would probably lose, and badly. So, seeing as they asked nicely (and that I know a suit would be bad for everyone involved) I opted to take them down for the time being rather than poke them harder. Now... that doesn't mean I'm not plotting... I mean planning, a way to get around it.

  4. After I asked that, I recalled the copyright angle and figured that had come into play. Furthermore, so too would have been a potential permanent ban should they had decided to use the Terms & Conditions that also have provisions against such. That's the unfortunate difference between private correspondence or even limited access correspondence (such a particular Facebook group) and the web. While one would be potentially ignored, the other would draw their ire.

    Now ... back to wondering what will be "released" prior to the book release? The patronus quiz? That would shut folks up for a while. (We know its ready) New Information? That might work. I doubt if it will be another potion or spell ... they have played that card several times already. What could it be? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. Yah, I may be willing to whack a sleeping dragon, but teabagging it repeatedly afterwards pushes fate too much for me.

      As for New information, or ANY release prior to the book release, I don't know. It's been the case where this has happened within a week of me finding the images, and it's been the case where it takes over a month between images being released and the chapters opening. Really, it's a bit of a gamble if/when Pottermore releases ANYTHING new, outside of betting it all on "eventually"


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