Musing on Moderation: My First Suspension

Dobby disapproves with moderation.

So this was a long time coming.... A while back I got suspended from Pottermore....  that was the first time I had done so... let's have a quick review.
So going over the events, I was properly warned and given the "tone it down" notice Dec 27, 2014 around noon. After I made a few posts that were reported. I did have other posts reported on the 27th but do not know about the timing. However, the three that appear to have sent me over the cliff would have been on the 28th. In addition, I have been active via Pottermore watch and reported trolls and inappropriate content when I see it. Now this ended after seven days, as I was released and placed back into action rather quickly. Yet interestingly enough, this is something that I would say has become more prevalent with some suspensions. In the same time period, and shortly after I had gotten my account back, a horcrux I had been using was essentially burned. It has been far more than a week since and that horcrux is still suspended, thus I am able to estimate the following from my suspension.

1) If you are innocent, and have been taken to suspension, the petitions DO help. They help quite a bit, and that said to everyone that petitioned to end mine, I thank you. From what I understand they usually last 14 days instead of the seven mine did.

2) Given it still took a week, and the petition took off rather fast, I would say that it is possible, if not probable, that Pottermore acts rather slow on these things, and this isn't an instance of the holiday, though I do believe that there is some preference given in release dates to chapter release dates, as I have noticed in the past that that is quite similar.

It is a rather short list of "lessons" but given that my account(s) have suffered for it I would say that it is highly likely that regarding the future bans or suspensions of others, if they have kept their noses fairly clean as I have, that they use petitions, promote them and move to harass Pottermore temporarily via Facebook and other messages, it should work, but has not, as demonstrated with other individuals, who seem to have been on the petition list for well over a month.

Given the recent information we've learned from Pottermore's moderation, I'd say that this is obviously a flaw in the reputation system we have, as it flags conversations between users that cause a good amount of reporting, rather than incidents where one user may be lurking and reporting. While Pottermore had said that they will punish reporters and I'm slightly inclined to believe that as I would report many inappropriate comments in bulk. I think that really, they need to listen more.

But really, this wasn't as bad as others. The transition was rather quick, and I did feel less invested to earn on the new account knowing that I wanted my old one back. I would generalize this to others, but I would say that it just goes to show that I'm slowly getting a lot more jaded, and if this had taken say, a month, or two, I'd probably be chugging along and trying to catch back up. Though instead, I did plan on using said horcrux to make "lemonade" as it were, creating a series of videos going through on how to complete moments in Pottermore. Though again, I can't apply this to everyone. Many, many users have never gotten suspended accounts back, and it's a horrible problem

If you want to help out, check the petition list below:











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