The Million Point Mishap

Well this happened... Let's discuss after the break.

So Pottermore is giving out a million points for house pride, as well as points for other things. I have said before that users wanted other ways to earn points but this certainly wasn't what I was thinking of, and for all intensive purposes the amount being promised is FAR too much, and this effectively puts a massive asterisk on this house cup as a result, making it a third time Pottermore had meddled too far in the house cup as a result and I feel poorly for the winning individuals.

This isn't a bad idea by any means, contests for points, but the rewards should be a bit smaller and the way to participate should include actual participation on Pottermore the site that they are running. The problem at large is that with a million point lead, so close to the end of a house cup, this could result in a house's win, meaning that the others would have to fight against that impact that it would have, unless the prizes work as effectively boosting the total score but not the lead, with other houses gaining points for their participation. However that would be assuming Pottermore had thought this out, which it is clear that they have not.

The sad matter is, "Pottermore rigs the game" and this is rather blatant of an event that seems to prove it. So if you wish, protest it, but the problem is this is a situation where nothing good will come up with it. No matter which house wins, it will be hated, and accusations of the game being rigged will fly. This is by far the last thing Pottermore needed and I know that Pottermore could do better with contests than what they have resorted to here.

So will Pottermore "wuss out" if enough protest arises? I don't think it will. Pottermore focuses on finding those new people to come in, and some people to ensure that others don't leave. This being Pottermore, I  believe that people will still participate, and believe that Pottermore's contest here will end up creating a massive upset, though I do still have personal hopes that Slytherin takes it (it isn't quite fair to let everyone leapfrog now is it?).

So sperpents, show your house pride, this may be the stupidest, most crooked and protest-worthy event Pottermore has had in a long time, but that is a matter for petitions and signatures, and with any luck, those points will not be applied strictly for this cup and more a distribution.

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  1. You should also probably mention that is will generate a flood of virtually free advertising for Pottermore...


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