Day 5 Impressions: The Spectacular Shrinking Solution! Oh, and a Moment.

... Do I even need to say it? POOOOOTIOOOOOOONS!

Well... why is it that the only good thing to happen through this has been potions? Day 1, the promise of new potions and images, Day 2, love potion, day 3, information about potions and a leaderboard, day 4, doxycide and day 5 shrinking. In the mean time, we've gone from one read about to two to none two days in a row. So let's address this.

The art is usually great on Pottermore. But... I don't think that's why anyone comes. It's kind of like saying people go to Disneyland or Universal studios for the atmosphere. It's not usually the main attraction. It's something that makes it shine, and it's a show of quality. But people go to Pottermore for Rowling's content, other users and for the house cup. Moments like these don't help that. YES, it's a good sign that it's following the story but when so few moments are released, make it count! Rowling has doubtlessly written things on Young Voldemort/Dumbledore, and it's a bit sad to see that this is being unused by Pottermore.

But on to the more important matter... SHRINKING SOLUTION! After Doxycide became the Brewer's Nuke 'em potion, allowing them to brew in a way that would let them earn almost as quickly as a decent duelist, Shrinking seems to be the Duelist's potion. It's slow, 90 minutes for part 1 and allegedly only 7 points. This would help people who duel constantly and assist people who go to classes and allow something that was only possible back in the early beta times, where there was far more time for individuals to brew and work at the same time.

Not the most impressive thing, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. What's that now? Slughorn's Christmas party. AH, so THIS is when we'll learn more about Draco. Stay tuned, and as always, let us know what you think!

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  1. I don't mind long involved potions if the reward is commensurate with the work involved. Shrinking is not. I don't expect to do any beyond the one I need to get the badge. Doxy will break the bank if the ings are not made collectable. All in all, a disappointment.


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