Day 6 Impressions: Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

Um well I can't say potions for once so... YAH! SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE!

So... this is going to be short. We don't have much going on here, but we do have a party with Slughorn and a confusing thing... there is no Draco bit in this moment, but there IS a bit about vampires which was oddly uninformative, though clever, by JKR. Snape being a vampire is not of much note and addressed sooner, making this snippet like the Coketown bit. However, the potential vampire professor was a moderately interesting reveal. She does admit that the genre has been beaten to death and that she didn't feel like she had much to add (though at this point I'm certain she's glad she stayed away from it, as goodness knows the urge to throw shade at Twilight may have been too strong then). But obligatory dissing of the Cullen coven aside, this is yet another moment with some nice artwork and some decent things to collect. I am, however, starting to worry as doxy ingredients, as well as shrinking ingredients, are fairly scarce, and are probably not going to be collectable in the near future, in part to limit the potions a little bit, as users without strong banking contacts or reliable galleon funds will be limited immensely.

Pottermore is still moving forwards and hopefully, we will eventually get some Draco soon, though it could be that Pottermore has already blown the majority of its new offerings within this first half.

So hopefully, things will clear up, get better, and with any luck, we will see the last two potions (love and draught of living death) by the end of the release. So with that, share your thoughts below and... Sparkle sparkle sparkle.


  1. The moment was disappointing. I expected more and searched all of Diagon Alley for shop openings, new ings., books, spells, and potions. Nothing. Mince pie, and Mistletoe are already available in other moments, and the new content on Vampires was as you described. I am hoping for a lot more in the coming day's.

    1. I wouldn't get your hopes up.... though if I may add one note, there's a reason I've been so... mostly positive in my reviews. A storm is indeed coming soon and I'm saving my full critiques for later.


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