What to expect from the new moments?

Spoilers, so check after the break!~

So to go over what we are getting... 

Spinner's End

Draco's Detour
Silver and Opals
The Secret Riddle
The Unbreakable Vow
Birthday Surprises
Lord Voldemort's Request
The Cave
Lightning Struck Tower
The White Tomb

So first this is 11 moments, meaning it will be shorter than Order. I did check through order and it appears as of now that there are no moments intended for addition to the book. Though as disappointing as it is... I can KIND OF see why these eleven would be enough. While I would have been amused at the Dumbledore and Dursleys bit... it's unfortunate that this is another single-book dump. 

As for what we're getting, I'll reference an earlier post when I say that it will probably be Love Potion and Draught of living death. We seem to have at least two ingredients for each, rose thorns and peppermint along with snake fangs and wormwood for the Draught. 

I can't say that I expect for there to be  any mini-games, either, with the only opportunity I can see being in the chapter for "the cave" where there could be a mini-game similar to one in Chamber, but to click away the inferni rather than spiders. 

So that's it... not much to say but so far, there is not much to go on. While there are other things in the code that could be brought up (quidditch/chocolate frog card/wizard's chess/friends leader boards)... there is no evidence as to any of them becoming featured, and in truth, the few things we have to look forward to are rumored updates on Draco, as well as perhaps some more insight on Horcruxes, Inferni and Snape. To be honest, while it seems to almost be a crime, I do think that there will be minimal updates on Snape, and such updates will be added after the fact, similar to the Celestina Warbeck treatment and treatment given to Lockhart. 

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  1. New Potions will make me a happy Weasley. Will be nice if they are worth some real points, for a change.

    I just may hang out again. And clean up the Common Room. And I don't mean of dust bunnies. -_-


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