Glimmer of Hope Starting to Shine

Has Pottermore actually done something.... Right?
I will say this. I am sorry Pottermore. I thought you were going to disappoint, as you have many, many, many, many.... many times before. But... this is an actually half decent idea. I see the execution and I'll admit, while this isn't what I thought would happen exactly when I wrote this post, but this solves a few major problems that Pottermore's had for a while. There used to be nothing new on a day to day basis, and there was very little development to Harry's world, and little reason to think yourself a resident of it. Yet here it is. A lovely thing to tell me "you're wroooooong".

This is still just a small solution, yes, as after the cup... what will the Daily Prophet cover? Are there other events we should know about? So far I'm leaning at a "nothing really" and "no" respectively. That and this *still* doesn't solve the bigger problem Pottermore has, being the limit of games and exploration on the site. YES we get to see the world, but only from Harry's perspective. It's his story. It's not ours. Yes, there are those that role play their stories in the great hall, and others that become assembled through great feats like dueling and brewing, but many, many people... they do not have the ability to do much that would make them feel like they are really part of Harry's world. To this date, the most magical moment I ever had on Pottermore was being sorted, followed by getting my wand and getting my school list. But we don't get school lists anymore, and we've all been sorted at least once, gotten our wands, brewed, dueled, where is the magic? Where is the opportunity to lose myself in Harry's world? This is Pottermore's real problem, it both connects to Harry's world while reminding you how far you are from it, but this? For a little bit, I'll admit I feel that bit of magic again. I'm rooting for the US in the Cup, and groaned a bit upon hearing a fan of ours might have jinxed someone. I'm waiting to see Victor come up and meet his challenge, to prove more people wrong. I'm waiting to see, if perhaps Harry arrests and stops an attack on the Quidditch World Cup.

I truly look forward to seeing this aspect of the site shine, and hopefully grow as a cross-promotional tool for Pottermore and Rowling in general.

So for all of you, what are your thoughts on the Daily posts coming from Ginny Potter? Is it a good touch, or still not quite enough?

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