Pottermore Corporate News

So, Pottermore has once again released some corporate documents.  And this has some... interesting notes. The Dark Lord of Pottermore seems to have gained more power.

So, with the new corporate documents, we have the announcement of Susan Jurevics and Dan Marks being made Directors. For most of you, who have decided to have fun with your lives rather than reading the soul-crushing details of corporate law and structure, you likely don't know why this matters. (Though it should be noted this author only has a cursory knowledge of British corporations, with more of a focus towards the Americans... but it *should* mostly carry over here.)

So here's the divvy, using dear Susan as an example. CEOs, and officers in general, they manage a corporation's people and resources, but with a major restriction. They answer to shareholders, namely individuals that "represent" the shareholders, known as directors. In essence, Susan still has a "boss" as CEO.

Now, here's where it gets interesting, CEOs, and other officers, can wear multiple hats. Just because you're the CEO, doesn't mean you can't be a director. And importantly, the directors get more control over the corporation, while they use officers like the CEOs to manage it all.

So now, as of April 13, Ms. Jurevics has become her own boss to some extent. She is by no means, the only director, but she has more ability to sway and use resources than she might have previously.

I'm not sure if this is a good, or a bad thing for our dear Pottermore. I mean, the site as it is, is dead. It's dull. It's boring and the only reason to go is perhaps Fantastic Beasts news, which is better sourced through Hypable (with Hypable even breaking the Illvermorny news, PRIOR to Pottermore).

I honestly cannot wait until Pottermore's next report comes out in December (likely) as even though this fiscal year has come, I'm uncertain if there is truly that much further income coming into Pottermore, rather than just some advertising revenue from Warner Bros.

Oh, and we're still waiting on that Patronus Quiz...

Stay hopeful?

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