Sooooo I was on vacation a while back in summer, and the experience was amazing! Like Newt, I went to the wonderful New York City! And, as the holidays are around, and people travel, and do things, I'd like to share my perspective on travel....  using video games!

I play a lot of video games as well as being a fan of Harry Potter, and during the last few weeks, I've traveled to the east coast and met other users for Pottermore. But as a traveler, I have to say that video games have prepped me SO much for travel, and with this, I'd like to share these tips.

1) When traveling to a new area, make sure to stock up on key items. Here, that's cash, toothbrushes, charging cords, anything you may need. Just like you don't want to go into caves without a bit of repel to keep those pesky Zubat away, you don't want to be somewhere in need of a new power cord.

2) When assembling your party, make sure that the party is prepped and fully equipped. This means everyone has cellphones charged, sunscreen on, and fully stocked up with any funds or maps. It does occasionally help to have one person act as the caravan of the party, carrying a lot of your essential items.

3) Maps are important. Can't stress how important a map is.  Your cellphone's gps is great, but unfortunately, walking with it out tends to make you look like a total tourist. If you want to go well, pull over to a side, sit somewhere, and quickly check out your map. Use that to get your bearings, and if you need "way points" just plug in a headphone and follow that.

4) Keep an eye out for unique looking NPCs. They're usually important, and helpful when you need some guidance. Police are a good example of this, though the best NPCs are usually the ones behind counters.  Those are the shop keepers, and like many great RPGs, occasionally they'll tell you a bit of information about the area if you ask.  So on that note...

5) For important NPCs, don't be afraid to ask them questions. The same goes to party members you meet up with. Consulting a NPC or Party member for something you don't know can be useful, and they can always give you items to help you.  People know things. Ask them. They might notice something you don't, and it'll help you accomplish your goals.

6) Keep an eye out for familiar signs to determine useful shops.  Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, the hospital's cross or bright letters telling you that they sell what you need!  When you walk around, keep a mental note of where those things are.  Starbucks can be used as a wifi and charging location, same with McDonalds. Even better for both is you can get food (albiet not that servicable) while you charge up your key items.

7) Always keep a "key items" pocket, and make sure you can call up your key items quickly.  Basically, for anything you want to use often, that has multiple uses... like a cell phone, make sure it's readily accessible. So press y and bring out that cell!

8) On the note of key items, it does well to mention. Customize and upgrade. I don't mean to say "go first class" or "get the large!" I mean when you travel, always consider getting upgrades for your key items.  That cellphone can only last so long when you're on the move, so why not get an external battery pack, or a battery back case?  Usually use an electric toothbrush? Why not go for a regular one you got from the dentist so you don't have to charge it?

Even regarding the items you have to carry around your inventory this is an important notion. I actually have a pair of Cargo pants and jackets JUST for this purpose in traveling or things where I'll be out and about for a while.  While it's a pain for metal detectors and scanners, having that many pockets on me is an enormous relief as it means I have just a few more slots available in my "regular" inventory (aka the carry on luggage). Even there I'd suggest having a few different sizes available if you can, or at the very least, something that pushes against the limits of a carry on bag, that can hold a fair amount.

9) Leave a few item slots empty before going on a raid.  Yes, trips aren't necessarily raids.  But the idea holds true.  Since we aren't able to fit bikes in our pockets, we have to make due with what we have, and I'd reccomend leaving yourself a bit of room in luggage when packing to bring back anything from your trip.

However, I'd be remiss to note that there are occasions where, depending on where you're staying, you can have your purchases shipped to your home! Isn't technology amazing?

10) Save before embarking on your expedition! As wierd as this may be to say, it does well to note what you packed, and where it is before leaving.  Make sure all of that stuff is safe and secure, and do it often. Just like in a game you don't want to lose your progress (or that incredible item by accident), keep "saving" by making sure items are either in your bag, or somewhere else highly visible, even setting a checklist to remind yourself on what you packed.

11) Enjoy the journey.  Yes, I get that you want that badge/experience for your badgecase/photo album, but the trip isn't that fun unless you... enjoy it. Be spontaneous, explore your location and enjoy those quiet places if you can find them. People watch for a bit, and enjoy those smaller experiences. Whether it's walking around Time Square, catching a Boston Bruins game, or sitting by the beach eating ice cream. It's those moments that really determine if you enjoy a trip, and what really makes them memorable.
The world ends with you. So expand your horizons and step forward!

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