Learning to Love the "Gone": Why We Shouldn't Keep Asking Rowling to Make HP8

And the Adjective Noun! AKA "Beyond Hogs-dome!"

I get it. I sincerely, truely, absolutely get it. But I also sincerely HATE it with a passion that I cannot say enough. Harry Potter 8. Harry Potter and the After Sequel. Harry Potter and the ROWLING IS BACK. Harry Potter and the GIVE IT UP ALREADY! So here's a quick piece on why we should just give up on a "proper" sequel.

We've seen the headlines time and time again. Rowling does an interview. The media twists what Rowling says. Fans correct media. Media says SEQUEL in big bold letters even at the smallest drop of a hat. This truly isn't fair, and it's sort of a betrayal to what Rowling says and at these rates I wouldn't be surprised if we get another Rita piece on Pottermore, it will not help but be fueled by these behaviors. As a fan, I get it. I want more Potter. I want to revisit Harry, Ron, Hermione. Every now and then it's okay. Maybe she'll post something on Pottermore. Usually she won't. But I am fine with it, and all this re-hype on Harry is just bad.

Oh, Harry's a good hero, don't get me wrong, but his story is over. The main series is done and the only thing I would perhaps be truly interested in is a last story where he dies. Harry has had his time in the sunlight, and beyond anything else, the one thing I would rather see from Rowling is not more of the old gang, but the old world. I get that there are others who want to see the trio but I'd rather explore with Neville, follow Ginny, or even go back to Marauders, Snape, Dumbledore, or Newt Scamander. Even a "True Tales of Beadle the Bard" wouldn't be particularly bad.

But that brings me back to how Rowling has a good deal on her plate. Pottermore, Fantastic Beasts,
Hey, I'm still a thing! 
the Strike series of books, the list must go on. But this, as a fan, almost leads me to a heretical solution that I've mentioned before. However, I digress. As fans, we shouldn't even bother with the non-fandom media at this point when it comes to Potter, and neither should Rowling, as people try to jump on the Potter-money bandwagon without effort. Yes I know it's the way news works. Click baiting headlines to get more ad revenue. Yes I know she is probably aware. But it doesn't make the whole hype-train right. At it's best it's overstatement and at it's worst, misrepresentation that causes influxes on Pottermore to "See the new story by JK ROWLING!" I'd be remiss not to mention the times of new chapter releases where I had to say, "not a story... more like a blurb" to hopeful first years, whose first experiences on Pottermore were rife with disappointments due to the over hyping.

Finally, a quick note that this ruins the chance that when Rowling DOES attempt something new, it ruins the impact. Perhaps fans will still react with all the hype, but after so many "new sequel" announcements, it kills enthusiasm due to the failure to meet expectation (oh Rita Skeeter, you must be such good friends with the muggle writers). This whole rant being said, it probably doesn't change much, but fans, do your part. When you see these overstatements, tell them "Harry is dead, but there are still witches and wizards at Hogwarts waiting for you with open arms." Because, Harry's story may be over, but the beliefs and countless other stories it has spawned march onwards, and that really is the magic of the series, all because of a little boy that lived under the stairs, and the wonderful woman that brought him to life.

So here's to the new story, of the students of Pottermore, and to whatever lessons we may learn from a Puff that went to America, for whatever reasons were there to keep him over for a film's duration anyways.

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