Year's Evaluation

Well I had a wish list for Pottermore... let's see how they did.

  1. Troll Control: NO! Debatably this has gotten even worse! People continue to be banned for no reason, though with users banding together, the turnaround is admittedly much shorter. C-
  2. New GAME: NO! F
  3. New Funds: Well they gave us 300 galleons recently so I cannot complain much. B
  4. New Spells/Potions: Well... they actually did this. Now due to dueling changes it is near impossible to cheat (and to be honest, it ratchets up dueling's difficulty quite a bit. B+ 
  5. Progression: Still a no... D-
  6. Gnome Toss Counts!: Yah big fail. F
  7. Points for sharing artwork: That's a big no on that. F
  8. Surveys: None this year to my knowledge. F
  9. Fix Friends (allow "groups" to form and group rooms in common rooms): No progress. F
  10. A Way to Legitimately Mess with Each Other: Other than the illegitimate trolling... nope. Big F. 

So with that let's 
Go over a new wish list:
1) Troll Control: We got some earlier but Pottermore still needs to fix it pretty badly. I had just gotten my first suspension and it is rather irritating.
2) New game: I still want a new game to pop in. The chances are pretty low and it's well past the time for it, but I would like it still.
3) Sense of progression: Give us a way to make us feel like we've leveled up aside from points. it would be nice but it is still rather frustrating.
4)Surveys: would it kill them to ask what we think some more? Get feedback on the recent changes?
5) Fix friends: Still needs to be fixed. We can't really filter things to see just our friends. Knowing a lot of the problems Pottermore has with content, this would basically fix a LOT of children concerns if it was a setting that could be put in by Parents. An "only friends" feature would be useful in that regard, and help people a good deal more.
6) User moderation: this is a little different from troll control in how this would allow users to have more control after a vote by other users. I would imagine that by creating a reputation and good system for rewarding good users for their activity.
7) Messing with one another/Another shift:
8) Open Moderation: would it be so hard to tell us why, for how long, and the causation of suspensions and bans, as well as allowing users to petition the bans.
9) Points for anything other than what we do now: bit difficult to ask, but yes, unlikely to happen.
10) My account back? 
10) A better explaination of how the house cup is awarded and the total points are calculated.

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