Thoughts on New chapters... (Spoilers)

Images after the break people, but Images from the new moments/chapters have come out, so I'm here to give the usual predictions and commentary.

As we can see from these, this is currently the artwork available on pottermore by looking at its code. However, this seems perplexing. Immediately, three things are striking. We see Harry's Patronus, the Department of Mysteries and, as I enlarged it above, the scene where sirius goes through the veil.

This, bluntly put, is odd. It almost seems like instead of releasing moments for every chapter, for major events, that we are having various things cut out and mitigated for speed's sake, with what can be considered the bare-bones of the story. Even testing to see if there is future code, I only came across a chapter or two that seemed to have images missing based on what I see here. As such, this book seems to be an almost disappointing feature on Pottermore, and I can only hope that instead of the old system, of releasing the stories in part, that we instead get the story gradually fleshed out with moments between.

Given Pottermore no longer enforces individuals to go through moment by moment to do things, this could make sense, but it's still an odd strategy considering the fans and pottermore's "tradition" as well as common sense. But I will admit, this could work. Furthermore, it could give some time to develop games to insert later on, and a way to "plus" old books, and it COULD be how they tackle things in the future.

Look forward to posts on this in the future. I must say, if this is all they have planned I'll be disappointed, but I would be lying if I said this didn't open up interesting opportunities for the future.

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