Pottermore in the New Year

Just wanted to make a short post to commemorate the New Year and a quick wish list for Pottermore, feel free to post yours and comment below after the break!

  1. Troll Control: Points to post, better moderation, whatever works, just get rid of the trolls on pottermore. 
  2. New GAME: Potions and dueling are good, but have gotten dull as dirt. This is the triwizard tournament we're on now, give us something good, timed mazes to get the cup with points on how fast we get there, racing a dragon to get the golden egg, Mermaids! We have so many opportunities it's not even funny anymore. Gobstones, chess... ANYTHING will do. 
  3. New Funds (and things to buy): so in theory we're in our fourth year and what struck me as odd was there was no list of things to buy, no trip to Diagon Alley and no useless spell book (or useful one but I will get on that later....)
  4. New Spells/Potions: They've been hinted at in the code, but I'd LOVE to get the chance to use different spells in duels and potions, though this has been a desire I've had ever since I first brewed Polyjuice in Chamber of Secrets. 
  5. Progression: I think it's become painfully clear to us by now that while we are "following" Harry in his adventure, Pottermore isn't necessarily about that. Its about creating our own. But I never feel like I've gotten better. There's a wall that gets hit, for everyone. Only so many points possible in a day, only so many potions. Only so many times you can score a perfect score and come back to the game. It's true in other games, so Pottermore *should* follow suit and give us reason to come back daily, because for a vast majority of that absurd user base number in the Great hall, very few of those people are active. 
  6. Gnome Toss Counts!: I honestly would love if they started giving this as a point-earning mini game. Just switch the background to the gardens outside the greenhouse.
  7. Points for sharing artwork: Let's give people more reason to share that artwork. Incentives Pottermore, incentives. That and it could very well help with new game and diversify the point earning a little bit. 
  8. Surveys: Yes. They. Are. Annoying. But it would be nice to you know... be asked what we think about the site and its direction. Hell, a lot of the stuff I've seen since the HTML5 switch has been stepping backwards, and I'm sure a fair amount of users have similar complaints.
  9. Fix Friends (allow "groups" to form and group rooms in common rooms): Ok that's a long one... but hear me out. Friends has been a broken feature for a while now, and it'd help if we had ways to sort out the common room and great hall and be with our friends, much like we would if we were anywhere in reality. The "just friends" function in beta helped with this, and if they could get a different version of this to work, like "show only posts from" and allow you to type in usernames, that'd be AWESOME. 
  10. A Way to Legitimately Mess with Each Other: This seems like an odd thing to ask for, but it's something I thought might be wonderful to balance the game aspects of Pottermore quite a bit... in proposition it's this. You may use Potions/Spells on allies and enemies. For ally it goes to a random online person in the house, and a message (like the badge one) pops up and says "so and so gave you a X boost/decrease due to their Y". You could also target friends for this of course... and the idea would be, you could send 3 or so sleeping draughts a day, and decrease 10 off of each victim's duel scores for say, 3 duels. OR you could send 3 Wideye potions and INCREASE people's scores by 10. Or increase your own. This would be different from gift as the potion would be "deleted" and you can always counter the effects with your own spells/potions if you have the right counter on hand. This means people have an incentive to brew, as well as to ask and recommend people to become friends as they could either a) sabotage them for a few laughs or b) help them out after being sabotaged. In addition I get the sense that this would be closer to the actual house cup, though I can definitely see this being abused unless clear limits were set in place to prevent it. 
Happy New Year to all of you, and look forward to my next blog post in about two weeks or so. 


  1. I think you have covered everything. :) I also want PM to make the points in potion brewing based per minutes. Like, 7 points in antidotes (30 minutes using copper cauldron) is 30 points.. That would be cool. Brewing is very time consuming.. They should also make ALL spell potency equal. FBB ALL the time gets boring just because its the only one with the highest potency..
    Happy New Year Runi. :)

    1. Gemmy, points per minute would be a truly impressive thing (especially with polyjuice) but I would recommend something like....
      Antidote 57
      Sleeping Draught 110
      Forgetfulness 59
      Herbicide 62
      Swelling 42
      Boils 23
      Wideye 68
      Polyjuice 1000 total points (Though this would FORCE you to continue the potion and it would give you a badge the first successful brewing of it, but points only after the second)


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