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This has been a thing in my head that's been floating around for a while, as another way of sharing information with people on my forum, and other folks that couldn't get on it. So first, I think I'll introduce myself to all of you.

I've been on Pottermore since August 2011, back in beta, and I've watched the site grow, fall, and stumble, and I've made some of my thoughts known over time, via my forum, Facebook and various actions. I tend to be of the thought that individuals are really what makes Pottermore work, and it's part of the reason why I think Pottermore works less now, than it did earlier. Ultimately, this is something that might be able to be fixed, but I digress. Really I can't say I love Pottermore, so much as I love what it can become, if it choose it.  It really is the closest example we have as something where it is what it chooses to become, and that's something I like to embrace at times.

As for the rest of my information, I'm currently a senior in college, law school bound and I'm going to do my best to keep as much of this, and my forum running as much as possible. My forum is pmpotionchamber.proboards.com (slytherin), and I've helped other houses by helping create and input to forums of their own.

I hope to give you all something good to read while you make fun of my general gibberish.

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