House Cup to be Awarded in the end of May

Well, that's it for this poll... Personally I thought butts would win, but a third house cup for the snakes is probably well deserved after the last cup. So, with that over, why not vote on your favorite potion?


  1. Well ... new record from length of time between cups (from opening to the public). But they have plans!

    There is no shortage of material yet available to them. Afterall, there is about 10% of Goblet of Fire, 71% of Order of the Phoenix, 60% of Half-Blood Prince, and soon 64.8% of Deathly Hallows to someday release. Between now and then, I'm sure we can look forward to other bells and whistles and we will soon be distracted by the Patronus Quiz (which has also been ready for a while now) and other side features. But it is what it is and basically we are still left to make the final option within ourselves ... remain and just deal with it or quit. But they have a plan!

    1. I think PM will always fall short of expectations and be somewhat disappointing for fans. I have no idea how people remain motivated after the comments removal, to brew and duel. Like you said, Okie, there is no shortage of improvement to be made but PM wants to dance to its own tune, despite constant calls for OOTP and HBP to be finished properly for example. Or at the least can they not remove those zero glitches?! Considering duelling is one half of the only things to do after having completed the incomplete story.

      With regards to your final words, I heard some say they would quit after the comments removal, including at least one excellent brewer on the lb (mentioning no names) yet i can't see people giving up their not so modest house points and brew count up so easily, and quitting. I guess self interest and pride keeps us coming back for more, despite the overtly flawed system that is Pottermore's. Or dare i say... Glitchmore?


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