Pollyjuice Problems

Today's topic is the Pollyjuice Potion students, and how it's treated on Pottermore, and a few tidbits of trivia about it. Click here after the break!

Pollyjuice potion is by far the strangest brew on Pottermore as it "enjoys" the following distinctions:

  • First potion to be "free" to brew
  • First (and only) potion to be broken down into "two" potions
  • Only potion to be worth no points
  • The second part is the LONGEST brew time, and can take a full day to make
  • Is the only potion with ingredients that can not be sent
  • Second potion to unlock other materials
  • First potion to require another potion be completed/in stock first (technically can be averted if the boomslang skin/bicorn horn is gifted, but true in the sense you need Part 1 to brew Part 2). 
This potion's little aspects show that it's different from the rest of the pack, and as such it makes it an interesting piece for your trunk, but not valuable for much else. It's because of this that I honestly will say I don't like this potion. Originally, those of us trying to go for the full brew were unable to due to the glitchy nature of the lacefly wings, though I was among the first to successfully complete the full brew, and was furious when I realized that a full day of potion making was for naught. The potion gave no points, and still gives no points. The usual rationalization for this would be that Pollyjuice is "against the rules" though there is in theory a simpler explanation. If Pollyjuice DID give points... the amount would be massive, and it would be fairly easy to get. To explain this I'll first say that Part 2 to me is FAR easier than part 1, and even if you kept Part 1 to no/low point level, part 2 and economics would imply that you would be owed a few hundred points at the very least, and possibly even one thousand. In addition, it'd be fairly easy to simplify the method so that 2K points in a day would be far more easily accomplished by anyone that would wish to do it. This is most likely the real reason it yields no points, so that way people may brew it once, but still have to deal with the short/easy to miss windows for other potions, and thus would have to sign in and participate on the site longer. 

Hopefully, and this is a skeptical hope, Pollyjuice will be set up in a way that yields more points and gives points for success. (Fun note: Pollyjuice DID technically give points to other not-slytherin houses as there were special items ONLY collectable when the pollyjuice was held by those not in slytherin. For slytherins it was already available.)

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